Let the plants thrive

There is more that one way to skin a cat. Or in this case, more than one way to make a place feel like home. Beyond ripping out carpet, painting walls, hanging pictures, and planting a garden there are houseplants to consider! I am firmly of the opinion that houseplants make a place more homey. … Continue reading Let the plants thrive


The deep freeze of cold weather has finally broken and we’re in phase 2 of the winter to summer transition; wearing sandals.  Okay, I admit, I haven’t worn sandals yet, but my husband has, so it counts.  It’s been something like a sustained three weeks now of weather warmer than -10, and the snow is … Continue reading Thaw

Seed glut

Well, the cold weather has finally relented and given way to sunshine and melt. Snowbanks are decreasing, puddles appearing and bare ground breaking through. The gravel roads have even gone back to dust production – a seasonal change I could do without. Spring is coming! You can almost taste it. You can certainly hear it … Continue reading Seed glut

Warmer things

These are the white, chilly days. We’ve been in the deep freeze for a couple weeks now with consistently cold weather. Minus 30, if you’re after specifics, and as low as -44 with the wind. Now I like the outdoors, but this weather has me preferring all the cozy places I can find.  Last night … Continue reading Warmer things

Sunday, rest day

When there are endless amounts of things to do in your house it is really difficult to sit and relax. Although we’re doing things like ripping out carpets and unpacking boxes all you really need to feel this way is a pile of dishes and a corner of unfinished projects (we have all of the … Continue reading Sunday, rest day