Heat Test

This september, when we were in Calgary, we made plans to purchase a used pellet stove.  This came about because last winter, our first winter here, we were horrified at the cost of heating our house.  We have a diesel furnace and although our house is admittedly quite drafty we spent thousands over the course … Continue reading Heat Test

Rest days

Winter has hit us at last and our first snowfall has left us feeling chilly and indoorsy. The landscape previously golden with freshly cut fields has transformed into white, white, white, and it’s blinding in its persistence. Last weekend we took a rest. It wasn’t so much planned as a result of a) the weather, … Continue reading Rest days


These days, like squirrels, we are running around like crazy trying to prepare for the winter. We’re planning for warmth and full bellies. Last year we were in Calgary from mid-September to mid-October and we said never again to that terrible stress inducing timing. Trying to get all of the garden produce in and dealt … Continue reading Collecting

Garden update

It’s hard to believe that so much of the summer has whizzed by. The garden has been growing like mad. We are long past the time of waiting for dirt patches to fill out and into the time of trying not to step on produce while wading through the aisles inspecting and picking. We are … Continue reading Garden update

Country creatures

We are full into the swing of summer. In fact, we’ve reached that disappointing part of summer where we begin to anticipate fall. Really though that should just galvanize us to getting the most out of the sunshine and warmth that’s left! We’ve had a mostly at-home summer. Lots of working on the yard and … Continue reading Country creatures