Progress Report

It’s probably about time I wrote something. I’ve had several false starts, but here we go. We had our second baby late last year, so our time has been full! But the transition has been fairly, and surprising smooth. Three cheers for that! Last year, although I neglected to write about it, we actually got … Continue reading Progress Report


Some seasons are a hit, some are a miss – a frustrating truth about life. This summer season for me was a miss for blogging and also a challenging one for gardening. I know the world at large is experiencing this Covid season largely as a miss as well (although it’s not without some hidden … Continue reading Miss

Outside People

April is a great time to do yardwork, right?  I am constantly blown away by my husbands willingness to get outside and work on stuff in less than ideal weather (ie any and all of winter, for one).  He has his eyes on the prize though, and a clear vision of what things will be … Continue reading Outside People

Seedlings everywhere

Last year at the beginning of April there were patches of ground to reassure me that spring was coming. These days we see snow snow snow and a few days ago when I was out in it, it was at least 2 feet deep. However, the sunshine continues to encourage me and warmer temperatures have … Continue reading Seedlings everywhere

Swapping out the winter

Long lay the winter silence, eh? I always find it hard to write this time of year. February is my hardest month, the one where I feel like doing nothing. Outside it seems like nothing is happening but wind and snow and white and grey, and inside life takes on a lackluster routine. But, now … Continue reading Swapping out the winter

Seed review

It’s time. I know it’s cold but January is the perfect time to start planning this years garden. I have 3 seed catalogs kicking around (not enough!), and they’re urging me toward thoughts of summer.  As I sit down to go through them I’m reminded both of some of the excellent varieties I grew last … Continue reading Seed review

Quiet nights

The pellet stove is no longer the horrible noisemaker it once was! The racket has ceased. We are done coping with the noisy terrible thing. Done avoiding the room, done turning it off when we wanted to watch a show, done yelling across the house. It was the fan! Jeff took the fan off to … Continue reading Quiet nights